Monday, July 15, 2013

Book Description : Wild At Heart

April 19, 2011
This is the story of every little boy and every little girl. The little boy dreams that one day he will become the hero, the rescuer, the one who puts the bad guys in their rightful place, they dream of conquering and achieving high and risky goals. The little girls dream too! They dream of their lovely princes, their rescuer, their ultimate love!
No one really knows what happens to the dreams after people become grownups. Visit any church today and you will most likely than not find that the men are a bored lot who feel trapped and lost.
This must read book offers hope to men and women. Men are invited to rediscover their masculine heart. A heart defined in the passionate image of God. The women are invited to discover the hidden strength and wildness in men. This is what men are meant to offer!

Book Description : Happy, Happy, Happy

May 7, 2013
We all have dreams, we all want a good life for ourselves and our families plus we all know that God has a good plan for ourselves and our families. Yet many fail to live the dream and the life that we know God wants us to live. Phil Robertson aka The Duck Commander has demonstrated that with a vision, hard work, support and strong faith; we can live the good life we have always wanted as shown by his own life.
Before Phil’s happy life, and before his show, Phil had a rough patch in his life for a number of years. He even abandoning his young family at some point. It can be said that in Phil’s life journey, he has lived a life of a “called” man. A “call” that has taken different shapes. We see him called to live off the land, called to wild living, called to duck hunting e.t.c .Phil has been ultimately called to follow God and to live by faith!

Book Description : The Intellectual World Of C S Lewis

April 22, 2013  047067279X  978-0470672792 1
This is a book that offers insight into the theology of C S Lewis by collecting C S Lewis’s original essays and other thematic writings of C S Lewis’s work
It unveils his intellectual development, how he used images in theology and literature,  his exploration of modern thought, how imagination aids in making sense of the world and also C S Lewis’s place in the world of Christian theology and as a thinker.

Book Description : Seven Men

April 30, 2013
How can one be a man in the current world that we live in? It is a world that masculinity has been profiled by the popular culture and the media in a way that is not in tandem with either the bible scriptures or our own historic values. If you want to know the answer to this question, then you are reading the right book.
Do you think it is still possible to be a counselor, brother, coach, agent of change, husband, a good neighbor, a father and a wise man? Maybe so….. You just need to know how.
The bible is the standard that we should all use, that having been said…  Is it a possibility to stand for courage, charity and honesty when virtually everything speaks against these kind of values?
This book tells a story about seven men who faced the challenges and circumstances that face all of us in our everyday’s lives and emerged strong in situations that would have destroyed many others.

The stories of John Paul II, Jackie Robinson, George Washington, Eric Lindell, William Wilberforce and Charles Carlson will elevate the reader’s lifestyle and walk to a level that embodies the gospel in their every days lives. Eric Metaxas is a New York Best Selling Christian Author!

Book Description : Battlefield Of The Mind

April 13, 2011
The human mind has many types of attacks all in the form of anger, feeling of condemnation, confusion, doubt, worry, depression, guilt etc…
This great literature by Joyce Mayer will help its readers tackle this problem that affects almost all human beings.
The famed minister has managed to help millions of people with this battle against their own minds.
She helps the readers on how to dramatically change their lives simply by changing their thought process.
Readers are empowered on how to deal with thousands of thoughts in their everyday lives and focus on how their creator thinks.

She uses her own life experience in marriage, family, and ministry and shows how all these areas led to the revelation of this life transforming truth. That is all for now on best selling christian books!

BooK Description :  Proof Of Heaven

October 23, 2012

Alexander, a highly trained neurosurgeon who over his career had operated on thousands of brains always knew that what Christians called the soul was actually a product of brain chemistry. Under extreme stress, these chemicals would cause experiences that might feel real to those having them although they are just fantasies caused by the brain under strenuous circumstances.
So when Alexander’s own brain was infected by a rare disease, the part of his brain that controls thought and emotion became un functional. He was in a coma for some time before regaining consciousness.
His recovery was a miracle by all standards. During this time that Alexander was in a coma, he had a spiritual encounter that led him to the deep super physical existence and that is how he got convinced that heaven is real.
This whole experience might seem like the imagination of a wonderfully skilled fantasy writer…but on Alexander’s own account, it was a real experience that he underwent ….this led to a change in his medical belief system and he came to realize that God and the soul is real and that there is life beyond the physical death.. That is all for now in Best Selling Christian Books.