Monday, September 2, 2013

Book Description : Harbinger

January 3 ,2012
The accuracy of the revelations in the harbinger in foretelling recent American events is astonishing that even the most inflexible cynics would find the account difficult to disregard. It’s no fiction. It’s happening now. Prophet Isaiah is finally vindicated!
The Harbinger opens with a mystical figure, The Prophet! Who appears to a man and hands him over nine seals, each containing a message concerning America’s future. From Ground Zero, to Capitol Hill, to a rural mountain top, to a New York skyscraper, the revelation behind each mystery is unveiled.
The narrative is so captivating and illuminating climaxing as each revelation becomes an integral part of a complicated puzzle.
The course of the world history is set to change forever!

Book Description : The Duck Commander Family

October 9, 2012
The Duck Commander gives an inside view of the Robertsons family. The reader gets to acquaint themselves with the everyday life experience of the family behind the highly rated A&E show- The Duck Dynasty. The stories revolve around faith, Family and Ducks.
Korie gets to share about the ups and downs of raising up a family, running a business, plus the incessant quarrels with the Robertson males while at the same time maintaining her looks both within and without.
Willie reveals about all the Robertson clan, his experience growing up in the Robertson household. Favorite family recipes and the beautiful Robertson women gets revealed. Then  there is the exploration of the intrigues involving the brothers Willie, Jase, Jep and their folks Phil and Kay. Finally , you  get to know a fourth brother who is not part of the show.

Book Description : Not A Fan

June 7, 2011
More often  than not, we believe we are followers of Jesus and when asked about it, we give a quick answer. I urge you to read this book before answering that question and I assure you that after reading it, you will know exactly where you stand. Do not get me wrong, you may actually be a strong follower of Jesus or just an admirer or maybe you dislike Jesus. My advice on this question is; do not take it lightly. Some say YES to this question without knowing what they said yes to while others say NO without knowing why. The good news is that Jesus is willing and ready to make clear what kind of relationship He wants to have with His followers. Idleman has used humor and frankness to invite Jesus’ followers to live like Him, pray like Him, love like Him and to never give up on Him Knowing that He gave His all!

Book Description : Jesus Today

Jesus Today is a powerfully written devotional book relevant for those longing for a close intimate spiritual relationship with the lord Jesus Christ!
In Jesus Today, Jesus Himself is in a conversation with you. He is in control, he is caring and promises a brightened future for those strong enough to anchor their faith in Him.
Sarah young found hope and comfort in Him during some of the most tough times in her life. Through the words of the scripture and Jesus’ Omnipresence ever so near, she found reason to live each new day.

A sequel to #1 bestselling”Jesus Calling”, Jesus Today will intimately and quietly connect you with Jesus.

Book Description : Circle Maker

In this book , The Circle Maker, Pastor Mark Batterson teaches that Drawing Prayer Circles around our dreams is not just a mechanism whereby we get to accomplish great things for God. It’s a mechanism whereby God accomplishes great things in us.
Many a times we underestimate the power of prayer and the scope of Gods own vision for our lives. In the circle matters, you meet Him, a man courageous enough to draw a circle in the sand and have no doubt from inside it until God answers his prayers for His people. God is calling you to draw prayer circles at grandeur things that go beyond human possibilities.
Mark Batterson a Circle maker, assists you realize your hearts deepest wants and God- given dreams, releasing them through the kind of a determined prayer that God wouldn't hesitate to answer.