Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Book Description : Love Does

May 1, 2012

The Life story of Bob Goff is an incredible story! It’s a story about love; Not just any other kind of love that stops at thoughts and feelings. It’s a love that takes action, a love that Does
Bob had an interesting life. He spent 16 days in the Pacific Ocean sharing a crate of canned beef with 5 guys, this is a guy who has left a mark in whatever he does….. Eating ice cream with heads of state as he embarked on touring the world with his kids. He became Uganda’s consul after they came to like him so much, he enrolled in a law school with low grades after nagging the Dean for seven days sitting in front of his office!
He has proven to be a winsome person with friends holding him in high esteem and insisting he writes a book. A book that has resulted in a paradigm shift; exciting and captivating to the very end!

Book Description : Gods At War

February 19, 2013
Kyle Idleman helps believers once again just as he did with his best selling Christian novel Not A Fan . He exposes the presence of other gods that are constantly battling for the place of control and glory in our lives.
The real reason why we are not wholly devoted to Jesus is because our hearts are in pursuit of something else. Worshiping idols does not entail graven images but involve the modern things. Luck of purpose in our lives, sins we struggle with and the discouragements we face in life helps in making the false gods the winner.
Idolatry is not just the issue, but the issue!
Idleman helps with exposing which idols we have allowed on the throne of our lives by asking the reader some targeted questions.
To whom or to what do you sacrifice ? What makes you angry? Why do you seek to be applauded? Humans are wired to worship their creator but we get tricked to worship things like money, sex, success etc. All these keep us from devoting ourselves to God!

Book Description : Becoming Myself

August 1, 2013
How is your life? Are you wondering if it will ever change? If so then you are reading the right kind of book! Stassi Eldredge shares intimately with her female audience about her struggles with weight, self-worth and even her past. All the while showing readers how God is at work in unraveling who we truly are.
We do need God for our healing and it is impossible to become ourselves without getting assistance from our maker. In this book, Stassi encourages the readers to lay down past thoughts and receive the Lords incredible dreams.
The Lords mission is to restore us. He wants as to become’. This is an important journey to any woman because it is a journey that leads into becoming your true self through the Lords grace and loving care. As you become more like the lord, you will become more of yourself!

Book Description : Trusting God

April 22, 2008
A time for adversity can be a time for us to strengthen our relationship with God. Jerry Brigdges underwent a lengthy bible study on God’s sovereignty during times of adversity in his life and the revelation changed his life.
His experiences and trust in God helps reveal the scope of Gods power and how to Know him better, trust Him more and have a good relationship with Him even when life treats us unjustly!
You are invited to come and discover how trusting God can reveal biblical truth about God and realize that loss, tragedy and death are part of life.

Book Description : Love And Respect

April 22, 2008
You may have been married for 35 years and not have heard this taught. Hear some of the comments made.
“This is the missing part I have been searching for!”
“All the dots have been connected for me.”
“This is valuable material for any counselor.”
“This is something huge!”
A man and a woman have different needs in a marriage. A woman needs to be loved while a man needs respect. If these needs are met, there is satisfaction in a marriage and if not, things turn ugly. This book reveals why spouses can react negatively to each other and how things can be quickly resolved easily and according to the bible! That is all for now on Top Selling Christian Books.