Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Book Description : Damascus Countdown

After years of accusation and counter accusation, Israel manages to strike Iran first. In this operation, Israel destroys all the nuclear sites including six nuclear warheads.Taken by surprise and angered by the Israel’s move, Iran orders a full scale retaliation against Israel.Israel faces isolation after US president a Mr. Jackson threatens to support a UN Council Resolution condemning Israel for such unwarranted attack on Iran.David Sharazi, a CIA operative successfully infiltrates the Iranian regime. He gets the information showing that 2 nuclear warheads survived the raid and were hence hidden in  undisclosed location to avoid further damage and any hostile threat. It is now a race against time for the CIA operative and his team to find the remaining nuclear warheads to avoid further damage

Book Description : Jesus Is

Judah Smith reveals the character of the person Jesus Christ in a captivating way. In his own way, as though communicating with a friend ….. he brings forth the message of the messiah to the modern woman and man.
The book reaches out to lifelong followers of Christ, for the merely curious and even the new believers. Judah Smith depicts Jesus Christ in a very intimate way. Passionately, he reveals that Jesus is gracious, friendly….etc, that He is the best way to be Human

Book Description : The 5 Love Languages

We all know that marriage should be based on love, right? Often, it does seem that you and your spouse are speaking two different languages. Dr. Gary Chapman guides in noticing, understanding and speaking your spouse’s primary love language….. All in the form of quality time, words of affirmation, gifts, acts of service or physical touch.
Learning the five love languages helps you and your spouse to discover how to uniquely speak each other’s love language and how to truly love each other. Each chapter is categorized by each love language and ends with steps on how to express a specific love language to your spouse; it also shows how to guide your marriage in the right direction. A well designed love language assessment will help you understand how to make your relationship strong and know how to build a lasting, loving marriage together!Gary D. Chapman is a New York Best Selling Christian Author.

Book Description : A Story Of God And All Of Us

This new novel written by Roma Downey and Mark Burnett births into life the greatest stories of the bible and it’s most compelling heroic characters.
This great novel commences with the creation story and comes to an end with  the deep spiritual revelation of the new world.
As you read this novel, you shall surely enjoy the great drama of the Kings, prophets, rebels and mighty warriors of the Lord all assigned by the Lord God to enlighten mankind about His great and enduring love for them.
The Lords master plan is fulfilled ultimately in the person of Jesus Christ the Messiah whose birth, life, death and resurrection eventually brings the gift of salvation to all mankind.

Book Description : Jesus Calling

This is a devotion that is quite uniquely inspired and has something for each and every day of the year. Missionary Sarah Young wrote down everything she listened from the Lord and also what she believed the Lord was saying…Her journal eventually changed from a monologue into a dialogue. People the world over became blessed so much with her writings that they started using her messages. Sarah Young wrote the journal from a Jesus point of view hence,  the title Jesus Calling!