Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Book Description : The Greatest Gift

Ann Voskamp invites readers into a meaningfull and a reach celebration about Christmas. It is the Christmas celebration that we all long for. It is the complete love story. A celebration that has been yours from the beginning.
The lineage of Jesus Christ is splendidly explored. Through the pages of the Old Testament, the ornamental biblical story is highlighted.
The epic pageantry of mankind is retraced from Adam to the Messiah with each day pointing to the coming of Christ!

Book Description : Breakout

God created all of us to make a mark in our generation. We were not created just to get by living average unfulfilled and unrewarding lives. We were all created in Gods likeness and His image. We do posses what it takes to overcome and experience the fullness of our destinies. Life has a tendency of pulling us down, limiting our thinking, throwing negative labels at us and much more other negativeness.
It is good to remember that through all these negativity, the good lord has planted a seed of greatness in all of us! Bestselling author Joel Osteen provides a practical way in creating a life with no limitations
This book will help you break free, believe bigger, increase your productivity, improve your relationships and accomplish bigger dreams. This book will help you
·         Dare to believe in the best for yourself.
·         Adopt a “break- out” attitude.
·         Make room to increase.
·         Pray bold prayers.
·         Pursue Gods plan past our circumstances.

Book Description : Emotions

It is extremely emotionally overwhelming for one to think of jumping off a plane 35,000 feet high. It is even more overwhelming for one to seriously contemplate doing just that.
This actually happened. 35,000 feet above ground, I suddenly felt the urge to get off a plane. I started to think. “How am I going to open the door” I needed to breath! I have to get out.
I eventually got my senses back, pushed the button for the flight attendant and she managed to get me a doctor who came and sat next to me and tried to find out what was wrong.
He soon found out that I was experiencing an overwhelming feeling of being trapped and felt the need to get off the plane. “You know this is an impossibility he said”
I knew it was not possible for me to get off the plane at that altitude, yet the urge to do so was overpowering. I managed to calm down; thanks to the help I received from the doctor. After the panic subsided, he managed to help me face the root of the problem. I managed to face the problem through the Lords assistance.

Book Description : Four Blood Moons

History and science do rarely align with the bible yet in the blood moon series, that is exactly what happens. Could these be the signs referred to by God? And if so, what do they mean? What could be their prophetic significance!

Book Description : Unspoken

Charlotte Graham was rescued from her abductors by the FBI and local cops after four years in the hands of kidnappers. She was found only three miles from her home, meaning she had been held all these four years that close to her own home by her abductors. This fact haunted the authorities after her freedom. After being freed, she changed her profession, her identity and also managed to rebuild her life a new!
She refrained from talking about the four years. She never said anything to her family, the cops and even her doctor.
She eventually returned to Chicago and a reporter started to dig into her past. The cops who worked on her case started cooperating with him. She could only hope the reporter does not discover the truth. She hopes her silence will not be broken either. That silence is what had kept her family protected for years.
Nothing was working in favor of those who were determined to unearth the facts about Charlotte's past. She refused to give any opening for them to peek in. She wants to trust them; She wants to tell the truth about what happened. This is because a crime that the cops thought was solved, has just opened another chapter!