Friday, January 17, 2014

Book Description : One Way Love

When I say life is short on grace and full of laws, I bet you know what I am talking about. There are many requirements in life such as a good and a secure job, good quality of life, a stable marriage, raising successful children….., just to name but a few. We all agree that the burden of life is quite heavy on us and we are in need of relief.
Bestselling author Tullian believes the exhausted world needs some fresh encounter with Gods amazing grace, the one-way –love! It is sad that Christianity is perceived as a vehicle of clean living and good behavior. It is not seen as the only solution to those who have failed over and over, again and again. The author clearly shows that Christianity is not about good people getting better but about bad people coping with their failures to be good.

Book Description : The Hope Of Christmas

This is a journey, a journey that begins with the promised Messiah in the Old Testament to the birth of Jesus Christ in the New Testament, to our Salvation, to the promise of the Christ resurrection and our eternal life.This book is a unique Christmas book, a voyage that contains scriptures followed by brief writings that will take readers on a tour as they explore God’s prophesies and promises that begun centuries ago.
The Hope Of Christmas shows the scope of Christ birth in the manger and the continual gift of His grace, love, comfort, peace, joy and much more. All this is within our grasp because of hope in Christ Jesus.

Book Description : Replenish

Leaders function in two ways namely front stage and public world or the backstage and the private world. It is difficult to lead successfully in the front stage if you are depleted in the backstage.
A good number of men of God have left ministry due to disillusionment, personal scandals and cynicism. This can only mean that there is need for caring of souls of leaders in the private world.
If the leaders private life is healthy due to being well replenished in the backstage and their interior lives, they will intern have a productive front stage leadership.
This book will show pastors how to prioritize matters that relate to the soul, how to develop healthy spiritual practices, help them with addressing problems that lead to burnout, create a healthy rhythm in their lives, how to improve their people skills and so much more.

Book Description : Both- And

We live in an Either-Or world. More often than not, we find ourselves caught in the middle of competing factions be it religious or secular, liberal or conservative.
Christianity also brings together seemingly opposing ideas e.g Jesus Christ being both Human and God, God being both One and Three.. There is a power evident in the paradox of ‘Both And’
We are shown that a Christian can live the whole gospel through ‘Both And’ .That we Christians believe in both the proclamation and the demonstration of the gospel, that we believe in the unity and diversity of being one and many parts, that we believe in justice and mercy, that both should be held together for a richer and holistic Christian living.