Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Book Description : The Daniel Plan

One afternoon after Pastor Rick Warren baptized 800 people, he suddenly realized that it was time to do something different. He shared with his congregation about planning to lose weight and invited anyone who cares to join him.
He did not expect a big number and was quite surprised when 15,000 joined and managed to lose 260,000 in a year. With help from fitness and medical experts, thousands of people begun a journey to transform their lives. The plan is designed to work in a supportive community by relying on God for instructions for living.
Research has shown that working out together bears much more result than going it alone. This book is not about new diet neither is it about shame driven fast or guilt driven gym time.. It is about faith , fitness, food, focus and friendships and how all that together can transform your life.

Book Description :  I Am A Church Member

Thon S. Painer, bestselling author and ministry leader got an impressive response when he posted an article about church membership on his blog. This generated a conversation on attitudes and responsibilities about church membership.
The book addresses the issues of inactive or non-committed church members by looking into what is expected  to be a church member.
When our relationship with the lord is right, things like serving, giving and so forth will happen naturally.
Study Guide.
·         Seeking unity as a church member.
·         The church should not be about my preference and desire.
·         Seek to pray to my church leaders.
·         Lead my family to become good church members.
·         Becoming functioning church members.
·         Treasuring church membership as a gift.

Book Description : Home Run

Kevin Meyers struggled personally and professionally during his first five years in ministry. It’s during this time of struggle that the lord showed him the bible way of living.
This transformed his life, leadership, relationship and ministry and John Maxwell became his mentor during this time.
Mayer and Maxwell  together, will  help you put your priorities in order and your eye on the prize.
This is the pattern.
·         How to win dependence.
·         How to win within.
·         How to win with others.
·         How to win results.

The Meyer story will connect with anyone who feels their life is falling short of Gods promises.

Book Description : The Way

Adam Hamilton retraces the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. As usual, he handles this subject matter with wisdom and thoughtfulness just as he did in the  24 Hours That Changed The World and The Journey
Using stories of the faith, archaeological data and historical information, the story of Jesus Christ is laid bare. From his baptism, temptation, his parables, enemies, his healings and the people he loved.
This book helps you learn more about the life of Christ, reflection upon scripture and into growth of all faith.