Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Book Description : Pursued

Book Description : Torn

It is not an often occurrence, but when our world crushes down, it does more than just steal our peace. It tears something inside us. We feel stranded, broken and torn.
Naturally, we will ask the question “Why?” when hurting. Pastor Jude in his own moment of pain turned to the bible for an answer and he made a discovery. He realized that the question “Who?” matters most.
To be able to ask the question “Who?” is worthy of our trust when our lives are in pieces.
There are moments in our lives that we may be experiencing dark times; times that keep us wondering if we will ever get back to normal or even have a future with hope.
Pastor Jude explores this question in “Torn” as well as enlightening God’s answers and His motives. With a Pastors heart, he guides you through practical ways for fighting for joy, dealing with depression and anger and also how to make the many tiny decisions that add up to a life of commitment towards the Lord even if your life is falling apart.

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