Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Book Description : Unlocked

Take a chance before taking a stand! At 18 years old, Harrison is locked in the prison of autism. Despite the challenges that come with this kind of disease, he is very happy and socially normal in his private world. Kids at school bully him because he is seen different. Ella Raynolds is a popular girl and a star in drama club. The two are drawn to each because they happen to have been childhood friends. Frustrated by his being bullied and by the indifference of her peers, Ella takes a stance against the ‘in’ group including his boyfriend Jake. She believes a miracle can happen and Harris can be released from this prison of Autism.

Book Description : Power Thoughts

Book Description : Courageous

This is a story about everyday heroes who want to become example dads who can make a life long impact on their kids. The world is not an easy place and it is not particularly easy for law enforcers. Despite the fact that this is a challenging job, Nathan Heyes, Adam Mitchell and their partners have made it a purpose to take the worst that come their way in the line of duty. Not to mention another challenge: fatherhood. They clearly see the disparity between giving their best as officers and ‘good enough’ dads. They do know God wants them to be good dads to their children. The children start drifting away from dads who are ‘just good enough’ who are rarely there for them. These dads are in desperate need to reconnect with their kids and with God!

Book Description : Take Two