Saturday, May 30, 2015

Book Description : CHASING SUNSET

This is a story of desperate woman trying to discover the deeper meaning of her existence. Catherine grew up in a comfortable home, loved her parents but not their wealthy lifestyle. She thought she would pursue life meaning through Charity work. She mostly gave herself physically to work but held her heart from fully embracing the work. She had a roommate called Sami and volunteered at a Local Youth Center. Planned to stay single but ended up in a romantic affair with Marcus. Then came the sad news!

Book Description : GET YOUR HOPES UP

Joyce Mayer teaches on how life transformation comes through the power of hope. Hope is one of the most powerful forces in the universe. The anticipation that a good thing will take place. It is impossible to live to your fullest potential regardless of where you are in life without hope. A lasting feeling of hope should be built in faith in God. We should be  hopeful in such a way that there is avoidance of unreliable thing that would ultimately discourage our faith. With a hope well grounded in the Lord, our goals and possibilities are unlimited.

Book Description : NOBODY'S CUTER THAN YOU

It is such a good thing to have friends who love you and know you well. Technology has substituted that with social platforms where we easily relate without commitment. The truth is real friendship entails effort. It requires real interaction, laughing together and crying together. It’s about forgiveness; it’s about loving and even some benefit of doubt. There are friendships that have been developed over a lifetime, those friendships that taught us how to love in a better way and those that hurt and wounded us. In a nutshell, our friends do have a big influence in our lives.

Book Description : THE ART OF WORK

How to live a life that matters, a life full of passion and purpose. Life is a journey of what we were born to do and it is usually risky and scary. Only a few to finish the journey.