Sunday, June 7, 2015

Book Description : You Can, You Will

Bestselling author Joel Osteen shares how one can achieve their potentialities and high level of success with eight qualities. Adopt these eight qualities and seize your destiny.
1.       Let your vision be ahead of yourself.
2.       Focus on your distinctive course and set your goals.
3.       Look forward to higher opportunities
4.       Take hold of your attitudes and thoughts.
5.       Maintain high standards and do your best.
6.       Keep growth alive by being proactive, exploiting your gifts and constant improvements.
7.       Give your time by investing in others.
8.       Approach life with enthusiasm and ignite in-tenseness within.

Book Description : Agents Of Apocalypse

Questions and more questions! Is it the end of times? Is the book of Revelation alive today? And if it were, would one recognize the characters?. Dr Jeremiah, a prophesy expert explores the book of revelation in a detailed way exposing all the major players in a way that it has never been done before.
All of them, the victor, the judge, the exiled, the elders, the 144,000, the prophet, the king, the beast etc. Individual motives and personalities are delved into. The readers are given clues and ways to recognize such powers and their presence in the world today.

Book Description : Before Amen

Max Lucado, a bestselling author expounds on prayer in such a way that prayer becomes a one on one talk with God. And not an act of duty or some form of art left only for the chosen few.
Most of us pray because we have to. When we hit the dead end, a marriage falling apart, money problems etc.
The truth is prayer should come naturally to a Christian. It should be done with fervency, strength and with faith. Many have struggled with prayer including the Disciples of Christ. And the Lord gave them something to follow in the form of prayer. Not some formula or methodology, but a heart to heart with the heavenly Father.

Book Description : Rise Of ISIS

Jay Sekulow takes a look at the two terrorist groups of Hamas and ISIS. Their real intentions and the reason why  the two groups  left unchecked, can cause real problems in the future.
ISIS has shocked and awed the world with their style of beheadings and wanton destruction, wealth, their mission to create a Caliphate in Syria and Iraq, jihadism against Christians…etc Hamas on the other hand has heightened it’s threats on Israel…