Saturday, June 13, 2015


Shannon  went missing at the age of sixteen. Coerced and abducted by the Jacoby Crime Family. She eventually found a way out but that does not  necessarily mean that her problems are over. If the Crime Family realizes that she is still alive, they would want to silence her.
She hires Mathew Dane, a retired cop and a private investigator. For Mathew to help her, he decides to recreate her memory during the time of captivity even if it means exposing emotional trauma she had gone through during that time. Even though she has enough evidence to put her captors in jail, investigator Mathew has to know everything for justice to be done.


The focus is currently how to make the marketplace a better place. More and more Companies and Corporations are re-evaluating product quality, ethics, supply chain and better means and ways of making donations to social causes. Many have launched socially focused businesses.
Dale, Sevenly founder delves in seven significant beliefs shared across board by starters, consumers and leaders of this transformation. These are values that have helped him build a multi million dollar company. Values that emphasizes on transparency over secrecy, people over profit, honesty over deception and authenticity over hype.


These are enjoyable quotes from Sarah Young bestselling devotional. ‘Jesus Calling’ has touched millions of lives and this book is a compliment to that. With quotes, scriptures, photos and design. There are words of comfort and encouragement and assurance of God’s unending love. Readers of this book will enjoy peace in the Lord’s presence.


Currently America is a Country weighed down by bureaucracy. Jay exposes this as undemocratic and pushes back to take lost liberty.
Freedom is under attack in broad day light. Creating thousands of laws through bureaucratic means without passing a vote. Violating rights without accountability, persecuting parents, veterans, discriminating conservatives and Christians, killing jobs etc.
Jay has laid a plan to fight back. Democracy can be restored. The unconstitutional fourth arm of the government in the name of bureaucracy can be brought to a stop.