Sunday, June 21, 2015


Could this be true? That there is a three thousand years mystery that has been the center of historic events. Determining the reason why you are alive without knowing it. Forecasting events before anything happens, revealing detailed occurrences in Wall Street before anything happens, the timing of 9/11, the rise of America as a global power and it’s fall, world stock market rising and falling, collapse of nations, world powers and empires.


This is Phil Robertson opinionated and thoughtful philosophy of life. Phil's philosophy can be summed up in two words. Love your neighbor and love God.
He shares about what makes him tick, his faith and how it changed his life and the way he treats his family and others.
He shares on how he raised family, grandkids, business principles, marriage and controversial issues like taxes, gun control, government and prayer in schools.


Karen Kingsbury highlights the life of a washed up baseball player. She talks of the love he left behind and the miracle that might bring salvation to the player.
He lost all the people he loved on his way up and as if that was not enough, he suffered a career ending injury. Tyler eventually ends up in a maintenance job at a retirement home. A place he becomes friends with  Virginia Hutcheson. Angels walking starts a mission of restoring hope to Tyler.


Pastor Kerry and Chris Shook felt the gap between them and the people they preached the summons to. So came the realization that they had to change the way they are delivering the message. They decided to ‘walk’ the gospel. Preaching the message through their lives.